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Destin History

The history of Destin can be discovered through a visit to the Destin History & Fishing Museum, speaking with descendants of the Destin settlers and reading the locally published book “…And the Roots Run Deep” by Vivian Foster Mettee and Associates. This book is where the following information was derived.

Son of George Destin and Fanny Rogers, Leonard Destin, was born in 1813. Upon reaching manhood, Leonard left the Atlantic Coast for the then mostly unpopulated Territory of Florida in the company of some relatives who were lost in a storm. He settled on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, East Pass peninsula, by which the name the Village of Destin was then mapped. He established a large fishing industry that supplied employment opportunities to many young men for the busy fishing season.

While Leonard was living in Florida, he met and married a woman from South Carolina, Martha J. McCullom, and it was from their sons and daughters that the present day Destins descended. To this day, some of them are still fishing the waters that their ancestors fished.

There is a massive amount of information on the history of Destin, its settlers, terrain transformations and so much more. For those interested in further information, please visit the Destin History & Fishing Museum at 108 Stahlman Avenue in Destin or visit the museum’s website


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